8 Facts About Coin Master hacks

coin master hacks
coin master hacks

Coin master is one of the most popular game available both on Android and IOS. It is a unique game which consists of all the adventure elements and stuffs with a twist. Coin Master is developed by “Moon Active” game distributor and developer. Coin Master has now over 50,000,000 installs from Google play itself. After finding this trending game on internet, I did a bit of research on it and collected all the data that is available in this article. After reading this article, you do not need to do anything, so to change the way this game plays, read it to the end.

How to play coin master

coin master hacks

Coin master is related to those type of games which requires a combination of skill and homework. Homework here refers to the strategies which are helping the best players in leading this game. So, let’s get started with the basics:

  • First, we need to press the red button in the virtual machine.
  • Second, the slot machine will show a combination of 3 objects after pressing the red button.
  • Third, you can claim your secret reward with every possible combination.
  • Fourth, you need to get 3 identical objects to each other to claim your reward.

Things you should know about Coin Master Slot Machines:

  • Hammer: It is one of the most common object you’ll get when you spin the wheel. Hammer will not only give you the power to attack other player’s village but also it will help you to get some coins. You can choose between 5 villages to attack.
  • Shields: It acts as a barrier of protection for your village from an external attack. Moreover, if you get shield, it will protect your village from outside raid only one time. So, you need to have more shield to defend your village coins. But remember one thing, shields are one-time use only and consumed at one attack from the enemy.
  • Pig Face: Pig face is as rare as getting diamonds in Minecraft. Consider yourself very lucky if you find one as it will give you the power to attack other people village and dig for some extra coins. You can also choose different spot to attack when you have Pig Face.

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Are Coin master hacks legit?

coin master hacks

This is one of those tools that you will find when you search ” Coin Master Hacks” on google. Now, before coming to any conclusion, we’ll understand how this tool works:

  • First, you need to enter your Coin master ID.
  • Second, you need to enter the amount of coins and number of spins you want.
  • Third, while you click on generate, the tool pretends as if it is hacking into the database of coin master. Looks like if you are playing Watch Dogs and hacking is so simple as if it is that easy to get into coin master game database.
  • Then it will show you a survey to complete and claim the coins after completing.
  • After completing the survey, it will show some fake animated videos pretending to be the real hacking of coin.
  • The moment you fill the survey, the owner of the website will earn some money from the surveying company.
  • And in return, you will get nothing.
  • By sharing with your friends the loop will be continued and the owner will continue to make more money.

If you are searching for Coin Master hacks

Things that were mentioned above are generally known by almost everyone who play Coin Master. Mostly not only a pro player but also tons of people will search for hacks or coin generators to boost their level in the game. Using some tools, I figured out that there are so many searches related to coin master hacks and generators. In my opinion, the question which arises in my mind is that coin master hack really work which I already answered above.

Cheats to get Extra Spin in Coin Master

If you want some free extra spins, you can connect your game account to Facebook. If you don’t have a Facebook account, then it is time to make one.

Benefits of having your game connected to your Facebook account

coin master hacks
  • After connecting your game account to your Facebook account, you will get 50 extra free spins.
  • First time Bonus when you connect with Facebook is 100k Coins.
  • Easy to save your progress when you game account is linked with your Facebook account.
  • You can easily play with your friends.
  • You can also check your friend’s progress after linking your game account with your Facebook account.


  • The game has a simple storyline, spin, and play.
  • Any age groups can play this game due to it’s cool and cute characters.
  • Addictive game with amazing graphics and awesome music to complement it.


  • In game purchases and game coins are expensive.
  • In order to upgrade your village, you need to wait for so many days and hours just like clash of clans.
  • As already mentioned above, you need to buy coins to move ahead of your competition which are expensive.
  • There are some bugs related to the coin purchasing in which coins are not showing after purchasing.


There is no such thing as hacks in this game. Try to avoid those fake websites that are offering free or paid hacks. Instead, try to increase your network on social media like Facebook where you can join tons of Coin Master groups. Also, there are so many groups on reddit which you can join and take full advantage of it. Checkout these best coin master hacks and cheats without human verification

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