Top 5 Fortnite Pro Tips That Will Definitely Help You Win Victory Royale

fortnite pro tips , fortnite tips for beginners
Fortnite Pro Tips

We all know that the Fortnite is one of the best battle royale game and much more simpler as compare to Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. If you take a closer look at this game, you will find out that fight and flight are the most common things in this game. There are several famous streamers like Ninja, Tfue etc. Anyone watching YouTube footage or a live stream of serious Fortnite players might see them engaging with any enemy they can find and they often go looking for that trouble. So, let’s start with our top 5 Fortnite pro tips.

Make a good balance between your aim and build

Unlike Player Unknown’s battlegrounds, this game is more focused on building than aiming. So, just in case you are shot, try to take cover by building walls or cover. Don’t check the situation immediately! Many players die because they start looking around in hope of spotting and killing an enemy. At first cover yourself, and then observe the situation. Check the other fortnite pro tips too.

Try To Build Faster

If you are good in building, you’ll always be having an edge over your foes. In other words, you can easily defend and protect yourself from almost any sort of attack.


In the first place, try not become still while roaming in some open areas. You already know that hitting a moving target is harder than a still one, however, to be a pro at Fortnite you have to make running and jumping a habit.

Secondly, always land only in those areas where you experience less trouble. Not to mention, most of the people go for tilted towers where most of them end up losing(less chance of survival). It’s always better to prepare yourself then strike rather than getting cocky. Also, the high ground is the strongest position in the game. It will always give you upper hand on your enemies. There, you are harder to spot and hit, it allows easy kills and gives you the best visibility of your surroundings. Check the other fortnite pro tips too.

fortnite pro tips , fortnite tips for beginners

Weapons and fighting

First, learn the quick switch of your weapons. A quick switch helps you in dealing a lot of damage with ease. Second, we all know that almost every experienced fortnite player uses pump shotgun so well. So, try to master your aim and accuracy with pump shotgun. It’s the best choice for short range combat. Also, it’s the best advice is to always use your favourite weapon if you want to enjoy and win your game. If you decide to ride the Battle Bus to the end, you will fall with all of the AFK people and score a few easy kills. Check the other fortnite pro tips too.

Fortnite Pro Tips for Duos and Squads

fortnite pro tips , fortnite tips for beginners

Anyone who has ever made the jump from solo to duos or squads knows how jarring it can be to see players get a second wind when you shoot them. They’ll fall to their knees for a chance to get revived by nearby teammates. But before you go out for your knocked out enemy, take time to scan your surroundings and make sure their friends aren’t nearby. One of the best approach in this situation is to use them as a bait to let other teammates let their guard down. This will help you in getting some extra kills.

Firstly, reviving your teammates is a good thing but not always. Sometimes, you have to let them die for sake of rest of the squad. You can easily understand this by the previous paragraph in which I told you the whole thing. The enemies can also use your fallen teammate as a bait.

Secondly, always use your headphones and microphone while playing. If you don’t have one, kindly buy it. I’ve played and seen too many of my teammates without microphone. This leads to lack of communication and interaction with your squad which automatically leads to defeat.

Thirdly, don’t be selfish while looting the area. For example, if your teammate is carrying a medkit and you have two shotguns, a pistol, and an SMG, drop a couple of them. If someone needs ammo and you have over 300 rounds, you can spare a little. If your teammate has 2HP and you have all the medkits, drop them.
By helping, these three teammates will make things easier for you, so try and think of it as an investment for your success if you’re having trouble with this.

Advanced Fortnite Pro Tips

Three Layer Ramp Rush : Before using this, I highly recommend practicing this in Playground to get it down completely. Using three different pieces of structure should provide you with enough protection to close the distance. As you are running, start with a floor and hold down your build key, then immediately swap to the ramp and then wall keys. This will build all three layers extremely fast, and you can repeat this as you move up in height.

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BONUS TIP : This is a common tactic that Ninja uses, but if you are aggressively pushing someone with a double ramp (two ramps next to each other), you can add one side of the ramp and then immediately peek the missing side of the ramp and take a shot at the opponent. They are likely going to be exposed trying to shoot your ramp and not expecting you to stop building. This can sometimes give you a quick sniper shot that gets you an elimination.

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